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All states have a Child Protective Service (CPS) agency. In Arizona, the agency mandated to protect children is now called the Department of Child Safety (DCS).  While child protective agency names may vary from state-to-state, they all have one common goal – to protect children in dangerous family situations from abuse, neglect, or even death.

Tragically, CPS/DCS agencies have failed significantly. Children are returned to families only to be abused, starved, beaten, raped, and even killed. Agencies have also placed children in foster care with convicted child molesters, child abusers, those with severe alcohol or drug dependencies, those suffering from serious psychiatric problems, and those who otherwise are unfit for any aspect of foster care responsibility.

When children are wrongly returned to abusive parents or placed into foster care with known abusers, predators, and others who should never be looking after children, the rape, horrific abuse, and even death are not only appalling, but these results are often entirely foreseeable. The only way the CPS will change, we believe, is if they are held to account for their negligent and often reckless conduct.

When CPS/DCS Agencies Fail to Keep Children Safe, They Deserve to Be Held Fully Accountable for All Damages that Result

Arizona CPS has had a Iong history of failing to protect children, and falsely reporting that children were OK when they weren’t. Shockingly, in 2013 the director of Arizona’s child welfare system revealed that more than 6,000 cases of suspected abuse within recent years were not investigated. In at least 125 cases children subsequently were abused.[1]
CPS liability for abuse and neglect attorneys Phoenix
Shortly after the announcement about the lack of investigation, the Arizona Child Protective Services was dismantled and the Department of Child Safety was created to assume primary watch over children in Arizona. In February, 2015, the DCS director was fired, and replaced with a new director by Governor Ducey.[2]

The full extent of the abuse that occurred as the result of CPS’ failure to investigate cases may never be known. One thing is clear – such a lack of investigation likely placed hundreds, if not thousands, of Arizona children at a significant risk of danger.

The wrongful failure to remove children from abusive situations and the placement of children into foster care abusive situations must be stopped – immediately.

Unfortunately, Arizona and many states have failed to provide the adequate resources, staffing, and management needed to protect our children. Often, a lack of funding is cited as a primary reason. When the CPS and state agencies fail to take the proper action, our kids pay the price.

We believe that the only way that CPS/DCS and other state agencies will take the right action is when they are held fully accountable for the complete damages, suffering, injuries, and even death suffered by our children.

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We offer a free, no-risk consultation, and accept CPS and foster home abuse cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that there are no fees for us unless we recover for you. Please call us today, and when we learn about your case, we can advise you of the legal options available for seeking recovery against all those who may be liable.

[1] 6,000 Arizona child abuse reports not investigated,

[2] Flanagan fired amid question: Is DCS the new CPS?,

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